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Presentation: 100 ml

Crystal Diamond Line is especially formulated for weakened, dry, dull, brittle hair; definitely, hair that needs an ABSOLUT REPAIR

It is a luxury treatment for hair, composed of vegetable oils and ARGAN and MACADAMIA OIL.


  1. REPAIRING TREATMENT – REPAIRING effect for the hair and split ends.
  1. NUTRITIVE TREATMENT – It nourish the hair making combing easier and helping to untangle. Nourishes the hair leaving it: loose, healthy-looking and very bright. ANTI-FRIZZ effect.
  1. PROTECTIVE TREATMENT – Ideal for use before drying and/or ironing the hair since the hair will be very protected; and subsequently it will be very shiny and silky. Prevents the degradation of color in hair, therefore, protects the color. Very advisable to use on the beach and/ or in the pool since it contains sunscreen (UV B). In addition, it is designed to have resistance to water, therefore, once applied, although we wet the hair in seawater and/ or swimming pool, the product is kept on the hair acting constantly as a protector.

Instructions for use:

Applicable to dry and/or wet hair. IMPORTANT: It should not be rinsed.

On wet hair, after having washed it, its effect will be more pronounced, since the keratinous structure that composes the hair fibre will be more receptive to any treatment.

On dry hair, it can be applied after drying and/ or ironing in a small amount to provide shine and enhance the ANTI-FRIZZ effect.


The applicable quantity varies according to: how damaged is the hair, the type of hair and the quantity of the same. For a medium-length hairstyle, of normal hair and normal quantity, two/three taps applied would be sufficient.


Apply with the hands from the middle of the hair to down doing a small massage to the hair as if “combed with your fingers.” Always from top to bottom to close the cuticle. After that brush the hair well.

And in beach and/or pool?

In case it is used as a protector when going to the beach and/ or swimming pool, always apply before exposure, either dry or wet, with a dose a little higher than usual.

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